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Procrastination Gets You Nowhere

Just like trying this line at the skate park, which I procrastinated over for way too long, I also procrastinated about putting this video out there. And writing this post.

Skate parks intimidate me. Always have and probably always will. But what I do with that feeling? That’s entirely up to me.

This visit to the skate park was my first this year. Pretty sad, since summer is almost over. I was definitely feeling intimidated on arrival. Hell, being there with my teenager is intimidating since she outrides me at every turn. For a while I just stuck to my usual go-to – rolling through the pumpy parts. It gets boring pretty quick. Thinking about what I could do made me realize it was time I stopped looking for excuses (too old, concrete hurts, it’s been ages) and just had a go at something.

Risk = Reward

And then… another 5 days goes by while I procrastinate about writing this.

Looking at this video and jump now it seems kinda tame. But at the time it felt awesome. Smooth. Freeing. And I didn’t miss the opportunity to point out to Sienna that I got it smooth on my third attempt.

Now I just need to make time to go back and do it again!