A Little About Me

Wheels in the air

I turned 40 this year (2019). Fuck that sounds old.

Bikes make me feel like a kid again. Except for the fitness part. That makes me feel old. But riding down hills, trying to get my wheels off the ground, hitting a line through a gnarly rock garden…

Using the word ‘gnarly’.

That keeps me feeling young. I guess if I feel young I wont get grey hairs? Who am kidding? I had to start coloring my hair this year. Not for fun.

The other stuff. Born in Australia. Lived there in the beautiful Melbourne ‘burbs until 2016, when WE took off to try living in the USA. #aussieinamerica

WE = Husband (Corey) and teenager currently on GAP year (Sienna).

Hubby rides, a little. He could be better if he tried harder. Sienna doesn’t ride enough, and doesn’t need to try #jealous. I think of them as ‘Pays-the-bills’ and ‘Skills-to-pay-the-bills’.

I am currently in a love-hate relationship with SE Michigan where we live. #aussieinmichigan It’s pretty, it has seasons, but there are:

  • NO GNAR.

All of the above are my favorite things on a bike. The things that make me feel young.

Fuck 40.

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