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I. Die.

Not literally.

But getting back into inline skating hurts muscles I forgot that I had. After work we went for a cruise on our skates at River Bends Park in Shelby, MI. I am still loving the Rollerblade Twister Edge X skates and my confidence is growing… probably faster than my skill level.

Advice on re-learning to skate:

If you are doing an “out-and-back” type skate, park at the bottom of the hill, not the top.

One of the reasons behind me skating more is the fitness, and yeah, the extra muscles it utilizes over and above what I use when riding a bike. But the other reason is that I suck, badly, at pumping on a bike, so I am using skating to work on the motion of bending at the knees, instead of the hips. It’s not going well so far but we will see if my technique has improved at all tomorrow at the BMX track.

I have also challenged myself to try making some video edits instead of relying on my teenager to do it for me. At the time of posting, I have one (yes 1) solitary subscriber to my YouTube channel (thanks Evil Genius Girl) so more would be good please and thank you! Below is my first video – it’s kinda rough but I think it’s kinda ok too.