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Fat & 40

At it’s core, this blog is a way to hold myself accountable as I attempt to travel from Fat and Forty to into Fit and Forty-Something. Who am I accountable to? Mainly myself. Why? I have a Masters in Making Excuses. Probably should have been a lawyer, because I can find a reason to do, or not to do just about anything.

My biggest issue? Putting myself first… You know what it’s like when you have a kid, or kids? You try to do everything they need. For me this took the form of using my daughters activities as an excuse to not do things for myself. I will probably discuss my “above & beyond yet loose as fuck” parenting style in coming posts, but right now this is about me trying to do something hard. Something that WILL require me to put myself first. Something I will physically be incapable of completing if I do not make time for myself – to get fit, to train.

The catalyst for this blog is a 40 mile kinda gravel, kinda mountain bike event in Michigan’s UP (Upper Peninsula for those who are not familiar with Mitten State slang). I entered it. It’s not until 2020 (June 18 to be precise) but there are so many reasons this event sits WAAAYYYY beyond my comfort zone (also to be discussed). Those reasons are exactly why I chose The Crusher 40 (there is also a 100 mile and a 225 mile event for crazy people) as my challenge to drive changes in other areas of my life.

Cheers to motivation, change, challenges and new adventures.