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Are New Forks as Good as a New Bike?

Nope. Probably not. For most people. I’d argue that though. When a bike has sentimental value upgrading parts is totally worth it. “Wait. What?” I hear the sceptics say… “A bike with sentimental value?” What. The. Actual. Fuck?

Well… Technically speaking, my bike is my wedding ring (with the cost at the time my other half would say engagement ring too if we were ever actually engaged but that’s a whole ‘nother story). So. Sentimental value. 6 year old Santa Cruz Bronson.

In my mind it’s totally fine to drop decent $$ on upgrades every season to keep this bike feeling like new. Last season (yeah I know. I didn’t blog about it) was drivetrain season – cranks, bb, shifters, 1×12. And new brakes. Again, another story I need to go back and write. Gah!

Anyway, this season was new fork season! Does that make anyone else a little excited? If this was a porn site I’d tell you just how excited it makes me. But it’s not…unless you’re wierd and bikes are porn. In which case, please be my friend! Because OMG I am seriously excited and bouncing up and down at the thought of hitting the trails as soon as winter is done.

It may have also become new dropper season, since my awesome bike mechanic at KLM Fitness in Rochester MI realized my Reverb was dead. Hey look. Another blog post topic on what and why I went to a cable dropper instead of hydraulic.

Anyway, I don’t have deets on what the fork is I just installed…and I probably didn’t answer the topic question. I’m not technical and too many concussions has killed my memory. So that’s another post. For now, I just know I can’t wait for summer rides and roadtrips to bike parks in Colorado. Oh. Look. More future blog post topics.